Our future is on ourselves, our hands. One thing which can make me little disappointed is that there are many children who are still living under the bridge, still earning money only to give it to their big boss, then to get violence. They never want it! They never asked God to give them that kind of condition.

One of them died because of starving, poverty, no house. Oh, dear government. Have you really seen that? Do you even know about them? Have you heard their stories and their sadness? I bet you never did.

Now we’re going to another side of Indonesian children. They’re rich, studying in International schools, going around the world, and living happily. They get more and much better facilities, but what are the grown-ups doing? They spend their money to casino, drugs, drink, night club, etc.

For all students, I beg you to have an eagerness to be a better person. Open your eyes and feel that Indonesia needs us. Indonesia needs better people who can manage this country’s problems. Not only doctors, but also accountants, writers, journalists, teachers, scientist, all of us! Don’t you see that many of these happen in our country? Murder, corruption, thief, etc. Don’t you feel sad, guys?

Let’s work for our Indonesia. I believe that all of Indonesian children are lucky enough if they want to do anything with a big heart and burning spirit. Let’s be a new generation for a better Indonesia! (Safura Nazlah/MA KMI Diniyyah Puteri)