Experience is the best teacher. Everyone know how to speak, to survive, even anything related with our life. Everything we have done always save at our brain. It is called experience. We know how to open can because we ever do it. We know and understand the way how to get market because we ever undergo that condition.

We will know pancake receipt by reading cooking book. As long as we never cook it, we will also never know what the feel and reality when we was implemented that receipt. We might know which the right step to cook pancake, but we might not know what the crucial thing that might possible happen while cook. It is the surplus if we gain knowledge by experience.

Many books contain any motivation and spirit developer. For example, there are book that explain about step to reach success serve many point of view to be success people. There are discipline, work hard, loyalism, and truth. For truth people who seldom to work hard, work hard is one of valuable lesson that they got from the book. Different with diligent person who often lie, truth is one way that assumed by them will brought many benefit. Actually, it is depend on our self. Someone who have much knowledge will reflect on their behavior. So, the implementation of knowledge is by our habit because we do it, it called by experience.

In this life, we need both way of get knowledge. Book contain theory to operate experience better. Experience also useful to prove the theory’s available. Experience is important, but not worth if not accompanied by knowledge because it will made our experience be something ordinary and not impressive. Knowledge at book can be useless if just memorize and never implemented at any deed at life site. Life is about act not just a spoken. So, we need experience to prove the reliable of life depend on our glasses. Because, different person will birth a different experience. (Nadhira Asiyah Arrin/MAS KMI Diniyyah Puteri)