Parent is the best teacher because they know the proper way to teach their children because they have a similar habit and attitude. For example, people who grown up at the rude environment will reflected at their attitude. They are stuffy and awkward than their surroundings. Foe someone who familiar with polite and decent condition, they prefer with polite and nice learned method and they incline dodge at hostile environment.

            Parent also called as 24/7 teachers. Most children spent their childhood with their family, especially parent. Teacher is not only person who teach school lesson, but also anything related with life aspect. From wake up until sleep again, there are many values that should known by children for the better life standard. Parent accustoms their children to be brave, autonomous, up to righteous person. As we know, family is the primer agent of socialization, particularly parent as one of element at nuclear family. It is more effective in case teach anytime with parent appearance.

            A fruit does not fall far from the tree, its mean that children always have a similarity with their children. We can looked may phenomenon occur because of emulate their parent. Children able hat their friend because they often saw their parents fight each other. But not rare children can apply nice attitude because their parent usually educate them with favorable way.

            Many children determine their parent as their hero or role model. Father who always protects their children will persuade their children to imitate their father role. Their mother who takes care of them also can motivate them to be a humane person. Parent is the person who can bring great inspiration for their child. It is why parent is called as the best teacher. (Nadhira Asiyah Arrin/MAS KMI Diniyyah Puteri)