Besides being a perfect place for learning English, Pare also offers fun that we can fully enjoy. There are malls near Kediri, book stores, traditional markets, clothes stores, and many more. At clothes stores, we can easily find t-shirts and jackets with Pare styles. It has typography such as ‘Learning and Cycling in Pare’. They’re not too expensive; starts from 40.000 Rupiah or more. There are also mugs, pins, and many souvenirs that we can buy.

Almost all students at Pare rent a bicycle. We can use that bicycle whenever we want and wherever we want to go. We just have to pay 60.000 rupiahs for one month! Isn’t it really affordable? Usually in the weekends, almost all students in Pare go travelling to Kediri to visit malls and stores or shop at traditional markets. You can enjoy Gramedia bookstore, Hoka-Hoka Bento restaurant, and also there is bag stores which sells many variations of bag, like backpack for school and handbag for women. Looking for quality? There are also famous brands like Neosack and Exports.

Do you know what makes Pare even more interesting? Almost anything in Pare is cheap! For example, you can get fresh juices from only 3.500 until 6.000 Rupiah. Ice tea only costs 1.000 Rupiah. The price of food is also affordable. With only 7.000 Rupiah, we can have rice, grilled chicken with vegetables stir! One of my favorite food stall is Marvel Buffet, because it has cheap price but really nice tasty food. It’s like a buffet restaurant where you can take whatever you want by yourself and then pay it.

Not just food, clothes at Pare are cheap too. For example, you can get nice tops for just 75.000, while in Jakarta or another place, it could be 100.000 Rupiah. When I and my friend Latecya went there, we bought many t-shirts and tops because they’re all cheaper than if we get them at Padang or or Padang Panjang. We also bought unique souvenirs from there.

Besides that, there are many place for hanging out, like Garuda Park (Lots of food there), Alun-Alun Pare (Also lots of food and really crowded), Masjid Agung An-Nur (The biggest mosque in Eastern Java), Suwana Cave, Football Stadium, etc. while hanging out, we also meet friends from another city. We can also practice our English with people we don’t know before.

Actually in Pare, there are not only English courses, but also Japanese, Mandarin, Arabic, German and even Korean language even though English is the most prominent courses of all. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s have amazing experiences in Pare! (Qurrota Aini/MA KMI Diniyyah Puteri)