Class? What do you think about that thing? May be it’s like small room fill by 30 students with boring lesson. It’s like jail, right? Some student not feel comfortable when study in class and it’s make students don’t focus when study. Why?

You have know, study is taste, same with eat. If we eat delicious food but the place is not comfortable like it’s dirty, full of rubbish, or anything else, may be you don’t like it. Your place support your taste. Study like it too. You can’t focus when you study because your study place. Look around your class. Full of people, plain, nothing decoration, and other.

If you satisfied your brain before, you can feel comfortable and focus when study. So, how we satisfied our brain before? We need class display. Let’s make some decoration for our plain wall. Before that, make a title first, example like go green, hero, and other. But, what decoration should we make? Do you have picket schedule? Just make picket schedule display. Make your own creation and put it in your class wall. It’s beautiful if you look it, right? Try to see your picket schedule in a list. You feel bored and lazy to look it.

What else? In your class, the important thing is rule. You can make rule display. Like make picket schedule, make your own creation and put it in your class wall. It’s so cool, you know? If your friend break the rule, ask your friend to see in your class wall.

Not only that, fill your class wall with other display. Give your idea to do that. Now, you have a beautiful and cool class. Look around your class. Feel something different? Yes, of course. You feel comfortable in your ‘new’ class. Your brain feel fresh and ready to study. So, class display is important because it need to satisfied the brain and make we focus when study. Don’t think it’s only for kindergarden or elementary school, we need it too.(Zikra/MTs DMP Diniyyah Puteri)