Parent is the best teacher because they know the proper way to teach their children because they have a similar habit and attitude. For example, people who grown up at the rude environment will reflected at their attitude. They are stuffy and awkward than their surroundings. Foe someone who familiar with polite and decent condition, they prefer with polite and nice learned method and they incline dodge at hostile environment.

            Parent also called as 24/7 teachers. Most children spent their childhood with their family, especially parent. Teacher is not only person who teach school lesson, but also anything related with life aspect. From wake up until sleep again, there are many values that should known by children for the better life standard. Parent accustoms their children to be brave, autonomous, up to righteous person. As we know, family is the primer agent of socialization, particularly parent as one of element at nuclear family. It is more effective in case teach anytime with parent appearance.

            A fruit does not fall far from the tree, its mean that children always have a similarity with their children. We can looked may phenomenon occur because of emulate their parent. Children able hat their friend because they often saw their parents fight each other. But not rare children can apply nice attitude because their parent usually educate them with favorable way.

            Many children determine their parent as their hero or role model. Father who always protects their children will persuade their children to imitate their father role. Their mother who takes care of them also can motivate them to be a humane person. Parent is the person who can bring great inspiration for their child. It is why parent is called as the best teacher. (Nadhira Asiyah Arrin/MAS KMI Diniyyah Puteri)        

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Dra. Rifnawati, guru cantik berkaca mata yang mengajar Geografi di MAS KMI Diniyyah Puteri ini menamatkan pendidikan SD di Simawang, kemudian melanjutkan SMP Balimbing, dan SMA 1 Batusangkar. Ibu dari Widodo Prima Putra yang telah menamatkan Pendidikan S1 di UNP, dan Aziza Dina Rahmi yang sekarang melanjutkan pendidikan di UI.

Guru yang akrab disapa bu Rif ini berkeinginan mencerdaskan para generasi muda, baik untuk agama, nusa dan bangsa. Beliau menamatkan S1 Pendidikan Geografi di IKIP Padang. Pengalaman sebagai mahasiswa, membuatnya menjadi guru handal dalam mata pelajaran ini. Beliau sangat menyukai buku-buku yang berkaitan dengan ilmu Geografi dan tak lupa juga tentang ilmu agama dan buku Kesehatan.  

“Kerjakanlah apa yang bisa dikerjakan hari ini, jangan tunda sampai esok,” adalah kata-kata yang membuat bu Rif lebih bersemangat dalam menjalani aktivitas. Baik menjadi ibu bagi kedua anaknya, maupun sebagai guru bagi para murid. Baginya, Nabi Muhammad SAW adalah Uswatun Hasanah dalam kehidupan ini, karena perjuangan yang beliau berikan sangat berharga bagi umat Islam. Kita sebagai umat beliau bisa  meneladaninya. (Fitri Yeni/Diniyyah News Reporter)

Why Boarding School Is Better Than A Normal School

(Aisha Nurfaiza Nasution/Santri Kelas VII MTsS DMP Diniyyah Puteri)

Aisha Nurfaiza Nasution

Boarding school. What’s the first thing that comes in your mind when you hear about boarding schools? Do you know someone who goes to a boarding school? Or do you go to a boarding school? How about a dive around boarding schools? Let’s talk about why this particular type of school is better than a normal school.

There are many reasons why boarding school is a good choice to pick as a place to learn. But rather than me rattling on you about the good reasons why, let’s talk about the negative opinions people usually have about boarding schools. One of the things I usually hear people say about boarding schools, is that it’s too far away. ‘I mean, why pick a far school when you can go to school near your house? Isn’t it a waste of money?’ Yes, that’s what people normally say. Um...As a boarding school student myself, let me tell you a little bit about how it’s really like.

Boarding schools have a plus point when it comes to education. Why? Because not only do they teach academics, but also life skills. Real life skills. Proof that they do? In most boarding schools including mine Diniyyah Puteri, we must wash our own dishes, clothes, tidy our own dorm, even cook sometimes. Now, what’s so important about this life skill thing? Well, think about it for a second. The common age for children to study in a boarding school is around their teens. As teenagers, they have to start learning to live by themselves, which is what most parents hope of their children. Because sorry to say, our parents aren’t going to stay with us forever. That’s why life skills is important, and that’s also why boarding schools teach life skills.

Imagine a university student who got a scholarship to study abroad. That student lives in an apartment by himself. His apartment is nice and clean for the first few weeks. He’s absolutely smart in his academics, but never in his life did he wash his dishes, clothes, cook his own meals or clean his own room. What do you think would happen to his apartment after a month? It certainly won’t be clean, would it? Hiring a cleaner would not be a popular option for a scholarship student and would probably not be allowed in some countries. That’s one of the reasons why life skills are important and why boarding schools teach life skills. So what’s the connection between life skills and a school that’s too far away? The connection is that parents don’t mind sending their children far from them, so that they can get that life skill knowledge.