Why Boarding School Is Better Than A Normal School

(Aisha Nurfaiza Nasution/Santri Kelas VII MTsS DMP Diniyyah Puteri)

Aisha Nurfaiza Nasution

Boarding school. What’s the first thing that comes in your mind when you hear about boarding schools? Do you know someone who goes to a boarding school? Or do you go to a boarding school? How about a dive around boarding schools? Let’s talk about why this particular type of school is better than a normal school.

There are many reasons why boarding school is a good choice to pick as a place to learn. But rather than me rattling on you about the good reasons why, let’s talk about the negative opinions people usually have about boarding schools. One of the things I usually hear people say about boarding schools, is that it’s too far away. ‘I mean, why pick a far school when you can go to school near your house? Isn’t it a waste of money?’ Yes, that’s what people normally say. Um...As a boarding school student myself, let me tell you a little bit about how it’s really like.

Boarding schools have a plus point when it comes to education. Why? Because not only do they teach academics, but also life skills. Real life skills. Proof that they do? In most boarding schools including mine Diniyyah Puteri, we must wash our own dishes, clothes, tidy our own dorm, even cook sometimes. Now, what’s so important about this life skill thing? Well, think about it for a second. The common age for children to study in a boarding school is around their teens. As teenagers, they have to start learning to live by themselves, which is what most parents hope of their children. Because sorry to say, our parents aren’t going to stay with us forever. That’s why life skills is important, and that’s also why boarding schools teach life skills.

Imagine a university student who got a scholarship to study abroad. That student lives in an apartment by himself. His apartment is nice and clean for the first few weeks. He’s absolutely smart in his academics, but never in his life did he wash his dishes, clothes, cook his own meals or clean his own room. What do you think would happen to his apartment after a month? It certainly won’t be clean, would it? Hiring a cleaner would not be a popular option for a scholarship student and would probably not be allowed in some countries. That’s one of the reasons why life skills are important and why boarding schools teach life skills. So what’s the connection between life skills and a school that’s too far away? The connection is that parents don’t mind sending their children far from them, so that they can get that life skill knowledge.