On Wednesday, we did not go to school. We went to museum and library in the city. First, we went to train station and bought the train ticket. The train trip took us around thirty minutes.

            When arrived at the museum station, we walked outside to the Australian Museum. Before that, we saw a nice building. Miss Laura, my teacher, explained it was The ANZAC Memorial. We took the picture of it and learnt a bit about ANZAC. Then, we walked to Australian Museum. First, we paid the entry fee. After that, we walked and took a look around. We saw Australia’s animals like koala, kangaroo, owl, snake, possum, wallaby, etc. They were real but they were already dead. They were stuffed inside to have the animal-like figure.

            We saw the accessories of Aboriginal people. They had funny hats, nice necklaces, interesting paintings, etc. Every painting has its own meaning. We also saw the skin of possum, one of the Australia’s animals which the Aborigin made to keep warm or for ceremonies.

            After that, we walked outside. We saw a performance of Aboriginals. You know, like the one in Papua, Indonesia. The dances were funny but had some sacred meaning.

            Once we finished, we went upstairs. We saw dinosaurs. After we looked around, we went outside and we walked to State Library of NSW.

            Before we walked inside, we sat on the chair in front of the library. We ate nice fruits that we bought on Tuesday. After eating, we walked inside the library. It was huge. We had to put our bags in a locker which worked on machine. But first, we paid for the locker on the machine. After that, we walked around in amazement. I really like the library. We took our bag from the locker as we were done. Then, we walked outside.

            We had so much fun on Wednesdays and I liked it! I had many experiences. Next time, I want to go there again. (Lakemba, Sydney, June 2012. Hasri Ainun Mahalli/MA KMI Diniyyah Puteri)