It is a well known fact that language is very important nowadays. If we want to go international and connect with whole world, we must learn English as the first and major international language. Even the job interview is using English, right? So, it is a must to learn English and be fluent in speaking it. Many people said that learning English was a really hard thing to do. Then they gave up and did nothing to fix that. While in fact, learning English is so easy. We just have to find out the way and the best place to learn.

Let me recommend you a place to learn English. It is a village called Pare, located near Kediri, East Java. It takes four-hours train to go there from Surabaya. Pare is famous because it has many English courses (up to hundreds of courses). It is often called English Village or Kampoeng Inggris. The term of study has many variations. It starts from two-week program, one-month program, up to one-year program. There are many courses and programs available. For instance, courses like access-ES, Daffodil, Brata Institute, Mahesa, Smart, Global English, etc. Those courses are offering many programs, such as speaking, grammar, listening, reading, TOEFL and IELTS preparation and many more. At Pare, there are also a lot of dormitories where we can stay as long as our term of study. The price is various, started from IDR 50.000 until one million or even more. All depends on what program and where we take the program.

Furthermore, we do not learn English in traditional ways, such as memorizing vocabularies. Pare gives us a new way of learning English which is fun and exciting, with extraordinary teachers. We will study English not only in class, but also in outdoor areas, like on the street, in a bamboo house, nearby the river, or even at the rice field. We have to practice English everywhere and every time. Top of that, everyone in Pare ,including local residents, speak English. What could be more exciting? So, what are we waiting for? Let’s go there, guys!

(Qurrota Aini/MA KMI Diniyyah Puteri)