I just want to share to you all my (not so simple) daily activities. I’m just an ordinary girl living in a big all-girl Islamic boarding school. You can find some guys in my school, though. They are securities, kitchen employees, drivers, or my male teachers (we call them Ustadz). Living in boarding school seems a little bit complicated for some people. You must be wondering about the complex discipline we have to deal with everyday. Yeah, I`ll admit that right. Like you have to wake up at four a.m. in the midst of freezing air of Padang Panjang, then you have to take a shower after that, no excuse, or you have to keep your stinky body till afternoon. After that you have to pray even if you have severe sleepiness, else you have to clean all of Masjid space.

When you have to do your duty even you have bad mood, you can’t run away. If you want to call your Mommy, a long line waits for you. Patience is your guidance now, what saves your life. When you have to take a shower, even you have to reach the water up to crust of water, the better one than you have to keep smell and hot out of your body. You also have to keep your emotion in balance when you have different opinion with people who live 24/7 with you. Even when you feel confused, or so-called galau, you don’t know what to do because there is no man in sight.

Wew! So much for living in a dorm, right? I feel satisfied after writing all of these. But I`m realized that all of my complicated activities are not simple but challenging, parts of a big adventure. All kinds of advices are given to me, and I just realized now that we have to enjoy the story and let ourselves be the main actress. (Safira Widastika/MA KMI Diniyyah Puteri)